Monday, February 24, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixie Dust in Cosmo: Day 1

So I received a bottle of Zoya Magical Pixie Dust in Cosmo after providing a clue for their Tune Tuesday promo on Twitter. For more info on this promotion go to this website: 

It is SO much fun and they play almost every week. 
To provide a clue all you need to do is have a song or artist in mind who shares a name with a Zoya color and then tag @ZoyaNailPolish and use the hashtag #TuneTuesClues when tweeting your clue. 

If your clue is chosen you WIN a Zoya color of your choice! If you win a round during the guessing of the clues on #TuneTues you win the color of the clue answer and a color of your choice. is Cosmo!

Cosmo is a textured Zoya Pixie Dust shade with micro silver glitter and small & medium sized holographic hex glitters. Due to the different glitter sizes it is a whole lot grittier than past Zoya Pixie Dust collections.

Due to all the bling, my camera had a hard time focusing and capturing all the shiny holo glitters.

Here is a photo of the polish in low light. Pictures do not do this polish as much justice as seeing it in person.

Here is Cosmo with high noon sunlight. I was hoping to get a good picture of this polish's shine, but instead got a picture of just how textured this polish is. 

Here is one of the promo photos that got me all excited about this polish and had me ordering (from Zoya site)...

First Thoughts:
Well I only ordered one of the three polishes in this collection (although I thought of getting all three multiple times) because I wasn't quite sure I would like that extra texture. I have been completely on board with Zoya ever since I first tried one of their original Pixie Dust Polishes, but one of the things I liked about them was that they were sparkly but also didn't snag on anything.
To be honest...the jury is still out on this polish. I love the sparkle but am still unsure of the added texture. I feel that I could add a top coat but I am pretty sure this polish would easily eat up 3 or 4 coats and one of the best parts of Zoya's Pixies are that you don't need base or top coats and you get long wear polish.

Side note: In some ways this polish reminds me of rocks. Like a silver/holographic version of Fools Gold.

Think this...but on your nails.

Because of this extra grit, I can feel the nail polish if I run my fingers through my hair or across fabric. Also I feel like I got pretty good coverage and opacity when applying indoors, but when in direct sunlight I did not some spots that could have used a bit more coverage. I think I will actually use a base color like Finger Paints Chromatic Creation under Cosmo next time just to see how a minimal holo polish works with this one. 

Anyway, I will let you know with the follow up my final decision about this polish. 
Note: Day 1 with this polish started on 2/22/14.

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