Sunday, February 2, 2014

Does It Really Work?: Testing the One Cotton Ball Nail Polish Removal Technique

I first saw this technique here... on the GingerBreadManne Blog. I know this has been done before and GingerBreadManne does not claim to be the inventor of this technique. I still wanted to try it. I was interested in seeing if I really could get all of my nail polish off in 5 minutes with just one cotton ball. 

Tools you need: 1 Cotton Ball & Nail Polish Remover

I am using Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover which I bought from Walgreens...mainly because I wanted the pump. :)

Unroll your cotton ball. I played with mine a bit but it unraveled pretty easy.

Split your cotton ball strip down the middle.

Until you have two long pieces.

Rip apart into nail sized pieces. My cotton ball made 13. 10 for my nails and 3 for additional clean-up

Dip each piece in the nail polish remover. Just dampen. Soaking could lead to trails of nail polish remover down your arm.

I did one hand at a time like GingerBreadManne. You end up with your hand almost looking like an abominable snowman.

Wait for a few minutes (1-2), then use one of your extra cotton pieces to press down on your nail starting at the cuticle and moving toward the tip. Make sure to add some pressure when swiping the cotton off your finger. Most of the polish (if not all) should come off in the one swipe.


Continue with the rest of your fingers...and your other hand and... VOILA! Nice clean nails.

Looks like this trial was a success. I think I will continue to use this technique in the future.

I may look for other tips and techniques to do for new posts. Possibly try some tutorials from Pinterest. Stay tuned for more trials.

If you have any suggestions for what I should try next, please leave a comment bellow.

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