Monday, February 17, 2014

Ipsy and Birchbox Comparison

This is just a quick comparison of my beauty box subscriptions for the month of February. Hope you enjoy! 

February 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag

Thoughts-- (for details about the products please see my Ipsy Unboxing post here.)

The Negatives: In the four months I have received Ipsy this was probably my lowest valued bag and had the most items I was not that thrilled about. The shades chosen for me where not what I would have picked. The blush and the lip gloss seemed too bright and I don't wear false lashes. In all, I ended up swapping two products (blush and lashes) with other make-up lovers this month to get two items I would enjoy more. 

The Positives: This bag had one of my all time favorite brands in it! I love Zoya nail polish and it was so great to get a full sized product from them. Also, I did actually try the lip gloss and it is a great color pink, not too bright at all. It has an unpleasant smell when first applied (almost plastic-y) but that fades away pretty quickly, so I guess my review of that product is more mixed than positive. I also really liked the bag and am excited to try the mask. All products in the bag were a good sample size or full sized. 

February 2014 US Weekly Birchbox

Thoughts-- (for details about the products please see my Birchbox Unboxing Post here.)

Negatives: Sample sizesWhen I looked at my box it was hard not to notice that there really wasn't  much in there. I have pretty small hands and I can fit all 4 beauty products in the palm of my hand. To give you an idea, the nail polish is about the same height as a quarter. Product price for full size. It is nice to try more expensive products, but it is really not in my beauty budget to purchase them. In this box I received a serum that retails for $75 for the full size and the full size is only 1 oz! The "lifestyle extra"While I love the teas they sent me, I would rather have another skincare/hair care/make-up item instead of a "lifestyle extra". It almost seems like the "extra" is there to make the box appear more full. The fact that this counts as one of the premium samples did not slip past me. 

Positives: Birchbox does appear to have "higher end" samples than most found in Ipsy. While it is nice to try them, even if I loved the product there is a VERY slim chance that I would ever go out and buy them (see above in negatives). This box does seem to give a bigger variety of products I just don't know if it is right for me. 


Cost for both Ipsy and Birchbox is $10 per month

Value of Feb. Ipsy: $30.50

Value of Feb Birchbox: $18.71
 (or $28.66 if I include the US Weekly Magazine Subscription that they are including this month)

So what do I think is the better value? Personally, I would have to go with Ipsy. Although the products are not as "high end" as Birchbox, I get big enough samples in my bag to give the product a good try. Even their smaller samples seem bigger than the average size of the Birchbox samples I received. Also, because the product sizes are so small in Birchbox the value of the box tends to be lower than Ipsy even if the products are more expensive in full size. The value of the box goes up a bit when I add the "bonus" of the magazine, but this is not typical of Birchbox and I honestly will probably opt out of the magazine since I normally don't read them. I probably will also not keep Birchbox much longer because it is not my cup of tea. It was worth a try though!

Links...Just in Case

If you would like to join me on Ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag please use my link here
If you would like to try Birchbox and subscribe please use my link here

With both companies you get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Pick one or both, up to you!

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