Friday, January 31, 2014

Follow Up: China Glaze- Pelican Gray

Pelican Gray by China Glaze

I had some issues with this polish this week. I started noticing chipping by the beginning of the day, Day 3. The side of my right and thumb and a chip on my right hand middle finger bubbled underneath the polish. The polish from this point was easily able to peel off and leave a clean nail. Normally I would have left this for your viewing pleasure, but with a family funeral this week I didn't want my nails to look awful so I redid both fingers Tuesday morning. My Day 7 photo was of  my left hand which I didn't mess with all week.

As you can see I got quite a few chips through out the week. My pointer finger showed the most tip wear. That became noticeable around Day 4, starting by the beginning of Day 3. Chips occurred throughout the week. 

 Interestingly enough, the nails I repaired (with no base coat showed minimal to no wear after 3 1/2 days. I may try to find another base coat or try the next China Glaze without a base coat to see how it fares. 

Any suggestions on good base coats? I'd love to hear them. Please comment bellow.

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