Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bellatrix Nail Lacquer-Magenta: Day 1

Found this set while wandering around Walgreen's today. It was tagged as $3, but since it was leftover from the holiday gift sets I was only charged $1. For that price I had to give it a try. The bottle reminds me a little of the Butter London polishes. I have not tried the lip gloss yet, but will let you know my thoughts when I post the follow up for the polish.

Bellatrix Lips and Tips gift set. Sticker on the box labels the set as "Magenta" but the color is definitely more of a dusty rose. 

Used: Beauty Secrets Base Coat, 2 coats of the Bellatrix Nail Lacquer, and Beauty Secrets Top Coat

Application: I feel like the nail polish was a little thicker than I am used to. The brush was a little coarse and made the polish appear streaky with the first coat. I was able to even it out pretty well with the second coat though. 

Will see how this polish holds up this week and will post a follow up. 

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