Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wet N Wild Balm Stains Swatches

Okay, as promised here are the Balm Stain swatches. I actually did these swatches back in February but am just now getting them up...sorry!

Nudist Colony: An almost concealer colored tan/nude. 

  Pinky Promise: Shimmery/frosty light pink

A Stiff Pink: A bright cool tone pink. This one is pretty build-able and can be made rather bright.

Rico Mauve: A pinkish mauve. For me this is a "my lip but better color".

Red-dy or Not: A classic bight red

Lady and the Vamp: A lighter wine color. This one come out a lot lighter than it looks in the tube (at least on my lips)

Overall I really like these. My least favorites are Pinky Promise and Nudist Colony. I feel that Nudist Colony washes me out and Pinky Promise is too frosty for my liking. My Faves are probably Rico Mauve and Lady and the Vamp.

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